What happens if my currency isn't available/I cannot use Wise in my country?

As Wise is our only payment method we understand there's some uncertainty if you've read online that you cannot use it in your country or your currency isn't available, but trust us - you can be paid via Wise!

Rest assured that if you've been invited to become a Tweacher your payment may be processed by Wise.💰 As it is a requirement to work with us, we ensure all our Tweachers can receive their payments.💪

There are two possible issues with Wise:

  • Wise cannot be used in your country (you cannot open a balance)
  • Your currency isn't available

But you can still receive your payment!

In order to ensure a smooth payment process in the situations above:

  1. Create a Wise account.
    1. if you cannot open a balance: that is fine! But still open a personal or business Wise account.
    2. if your currency isn't available: open a balance either in EUR or USD.
  2. Request your payment in our platform in either EUR or USD. Please ensure you have the information Wise will ask you for. Visit this link to learn what information that is depending on the currency you choose to request your payment in.
  3. Fill in the information requested by Wise via email.
  4. Your payment will reach you soon!

NB. any missteps or mistakes during the process may result in out of our control delayed payments. So please ensure you select the right currency and have all the information with you!⚠️

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via chatbot🤖 or support-teacher@twenix.es 📥 if you have any further questions!