What do I need to do if the class lasts less than 26 minutes?

It may be the case that students need to make the class shorter than usual. There are two possible options of things you can do.

Sometimes classes may be shorter than 26 minutes due to the student being late, them needing to cut them short for personal reasons or because of a technical issue.✏️ Bearing in mind in those situations classes should last a minimum of 15 minutes, there are two things you can do if you find yourself in this situation🔎:

A. If you feel like enough of the material has been covered, please evaluate the class as per usual🌟. If you reported the class as "I cannot continue with the class", the student would have to go through the same material again when they booked their next class.

B. If however not enough of the material has been covered and you don't have enough information to evaluate the student, please DO NOT⚠️. Evaluations that do not provide useful feedback about the class shouldn't be posted. Moreover, evaluating a class that hasn't been done is detrimental in the student's microcourse path as they won't be able to take it again and go through that material👣. Hence, you should report the class as "I cannot continue with the class" and explain in as much detail as possible the issue!✍️

Please go over our material here for more information on what to do if you have any issues during the class!📖 Also, remember you may get in touch with us anytime via our chatbot🤖 or via email📩, support-teacher@twenix.es.🚀