What classes will I be paid for?

Please read on to find out what each class status means and whether you'll get paid for them!

The top of your "Classes" tab in your Twenix platform looks like this:

Classes tab

But do you know what each status actually means? 🤔 Please read on to find out what each mean and for which ones you'll be paid!

All-1➡️ This is the total number of classes, i.e. all of the classes shown in each status added together. This is NOT the total number of classes for which you'll be paid.

booked➡️ These are all the classes you have booked for the period of time you have set the calendar to. You will not necessarily be paid for all of them, it depends if to what their status changes to.

in progress➡️ In this tab you'll see the class that are happening at that moment. Any unevaluated classes will also show up here - please remember this shouldn't happen as you need to evaluate them as soon as you finish teaching!🌟

in  transfer➡️ These are all the classes you still have in the transfer system and have not been taken by another teacher yet - please remember if they're showing in this tab it means they're still your responsibility! For further information on our transfer system please have a look at this article.

done➡️ Classes will change to this status when you have successfully completed and evaluated them. You will get paid for all of them shown here. Remember you will receive an extra +0.40€ for every video call!📹

Cancelled-1➡️ This tab will show all the classes cancelled with more than 2 hours before the start time by students. You will not be paid for these classes.

Cancelled out of time➡️Classes in this tab have been cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled start time. You will be paid for these classes and your slot will re-open so you can be booked again!

Review➡️ When you mark a class as "I cannot continue" they will show up here until a member of our team reviews them and they change to either:

Refunded or Resolved

These statuses affect the student - it means whether they'll be refunded the class or not after having a look at the issues in the reported class. You will get paid for the classes that appear in both of the tabs above.

StudentAbsent➡️ This tab shows classes for which students didn't arrive. Remember classes are automatically marked as "Student absent"‼️ You will be paid for these classes.

Teacher absent➡️ Classes in this tab are the ones you did not attend. You will not be paid for them. Please ensure to use our transfer system if you know you won't be able to make it to keep this tab as empty as possible!