Where can I see my ratings?

Has my rating gone up? Do I have any new student comments? Keep on reading to find out where in the platform you can see all this information!

We understand it is important for our teachers to have easy access their ratings🌟 as well as student comments🗨️, and so have added a tab in your profile named "Performance" where you can see all this information!🤓


There are 3 different parts to your performance tab:

  1. A graph with your weekly rating for the last 4 weeks - very useful to see your progression and if you're close to becoming a top Tweacher!📈
  2. Your average score - this is the overall score since your started teaching.
  3. Student comments - want to improve? Make sure you check them out to learn your students' opinions!📚 NB. Not all students will leave a comment even if they rate their teacher.

This tab is updated weekly, so please give it some time before you check how last week went!🔜

If you have any questions, get in touch with us via the chatbot🤖 or at support-teacher@twenix.es🚀

If you'd like to learn more about how Twenix uses student feedback and ratings to enhance your teaching , please check out the following course on the Tweachers Academy. Course: Guiding Excellence