Payment process

This article will go through the process in detail, explain what each payment status means and what you need to do thereafter.

The payment period in Twenix starts the 2nd (at 00:00 UTC time) of each month and lasts until the 5th (at 00:00 UTC time) ⏰. Payments are done via WISE, hence we don't need your billing nor bank account data. If you'd like to make changes to any of these, please contact WISE.

These are the steps you'll need to follow every month within those dates:


You firstly need to confirm your invoice✅.
  1. Your invoice will come up in the "Invoice" tab as Pending - you need to confirm it clicking on "Confirm service". 
  2. The next screen you'll see is the following:

    You'll be able to change the invoice number to your preferred one in this step. Please bear in mind that is the only data you'll be able to change once the invoice has been generated. If you would like a different name or address in your invoice, you need to let us know via our email or via the chatbot before the 20th of each month. We can't guarantee we'll be able to make the requested changes if we receive the information after that date.

    After you've changed the invoice number - or left the one created by the platform - you need to click "Next". 
  3. Check everything's ok. Your invoice includes the classes you've taught during last month's teaching period, i.e. from the 1st to the 30th/31st. If everything looks right, click on "Confirm invoice". 

    It's status will now have changed to Confirmed. You'll now be able to download the invoice if you click on "Download". 

Now it's time to request your payment💰.
  1. The payment status will come up as Pending payment. Click on "Request payment".
  2. You'll now need to enter the email address you have associated to your WISE account and select the local currency your account is set to. 

    It is very important ‼️ that these two steps are done correctly, not doing so may result in not receiving your payment that month and waiting until the next payment period to request it again. If the email that you introduced does not have an associated WISE account, you will receive an email to create one.

There is a final step that MUST be done to receive your payment, but it takes place outside the platform. Once you've done all of the above correctly, you'll receive an email from WISE📨 to finalise the payment.

Please make sure you check your inbox as well as the SPAM folder📥. If you don't receive the email above, please contact WISE, but bear in mind that if there's been a misstep requesting your payment you will not receive the email.

Once the payment has been requested its status will change to In progress in the platform. You will need to wait for around 24 hours to receive it. When it's done its status will change to Paid. Please bear in mind during very busy periods it may take a bit longer - if 5 working days after you've finalised it you've still not received it, please contact us 📞.

If once you've gone through the whole process your payment status is now coming up as Error that is because there must have been a misstep. Bear in mind that the payment period ends the 5th of each month at 00:00 UTC time, so after that date we need to wait for the refund. The 2nd of the next month you'll be able to request your payment again.

What happens if instead of confirming the invoice in the platform I send my own?

If you wish to send us your own invoice via email instead of confirming the one that is in the platform that's great! Please make sure all details are correct (invoice date, teaching period, billing data, etc.). Once we successfully receive it, the invoice status in the platform will change to Sent. You will then have from the 6th (at 00:00UTC time) until the 11th (at 00:00UTC time) to request your payment following the steps explained above.

Please do get in touch with us if you need further assistance💪.