How do teacher ratings work?

In this article you'll find all the information on how teacher ratings work at Twenix and why it's important for you to keep on eye on them!

What are teacher ratings?

  • After every class, students are given the option to rate their teacher out of 5.🌟
  • If they leave a rating, they have the option to select from a list of reasons for their rating.🗨️
  • They also have the option to write additional comments about their teacher.

What are some common reasons for low ratings?

  • Too much background noise.🔇
    ❗Some teachers prevent this by using software such as
  • A failure to use the provided vocabulary well.🔠
  • A lack of class structure or continuity between classes. 📚

What does Twenix do with these ratings?

  • Once per week, we track teacher ratings to ensure teachers are carrying out classes to our desired standards.
  • If we identify a teacher who is failing to meet these standards, we will likely reach out to them with a view to helping them improve.
  • We only contact teachers who have carried out a certain number of classes in a given week.

What are the required ratings?

  • Twenix has identified an average weekly rating of 4.7/5 as an appropriate minimum standard. 

Why 4.7/5?

  • The global average rating of teachers on the platform is between 4.85-4.9/5.
  • Although somewhat below the global average, we believe that if a teacher is consistently reaching 4.7/5 average, they are well on their way to becoming a top Tweacher.🚀
  • We only work with teachers who have met our very high standards during the recruitment process and believe each one is capable of exceeding our minimum standards. We contact teachers in order to help them meet the standards of which we are sure they are capable.

What actions do we take?

  • If we observe that a teacher’s ratings have fallen below our required standards, we will usually get in touch in one of the following ways:
      • An email to let you know what we have observed, along with some advice on how you might reach the desired ratings.
      • If we are concerned by consistently low ratings, this email might include a notice that class ratings must improve.
      • If ratings do not improve, or if we have received particularly concerning feedback, our communications might include a final warning.
      • If we fail to see any improvement after some weeks, low ratings may lead to deactivation from the Twenix platform. Rarely, this might also be the case after an instance of particularly bad feedback from a student.
  • It is important to remember we will always provide guidance on how a teacher can improve their ratings, and we are always available to discuss the issue during Office Hours or via email.📩

Why is it important to achieve high ratings?

  • Simply put, our ability to grow as a company and provide our teachers with their desired number of classes depends to a large extent upon our ability to provide students with a great experience.🙌

Are ratings an accurate reflection of teacher performance?

  • We have faith in student ratings of teachers, yes. We are very stringent in our hiring process, and have faith that every one of the teachers who work on our platform are going to be likeable and helpful in every class. This is why when a student rates a teacher lower than 5 stars, we are confident that something in this class was probably not as it should have been. Of course, we don’t take action every time a teacher receives one 4-star rating, but when we see their average rating dip below our standard, we feel it is justified to take action.


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